2x Simpsons doob tubes

Regular price $5.00

These awesome Simpsons doob tubes are handmade to order from classic Simpsons comic books and sealed to keep them looking crisp. Perfect for taking a joint or blunt on the go! Smell-proof, water-proof, and large enough for a King sized joint! 2 custom doob tubes for $5 +shipping. **PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHICH 2 CHARACTERS YOU WOULD PREFER ON YOUR CUSTOM DOOB TUBES DURING CHECK OUT, I WILL TRY MY BEST TO ACCOMMODATE YOU. THESE DOOB TUBES ARE MADE FROM COMIC BOOKS AND, FOR THE MOST PART, CANNOT REPRODUCE A SCREENCAP FROM THE SHOW** *The doob tubes in the photos WILL NOT be the doob tubes that you receive. Your doob tubes will be custom made just for you.